Wat doen wij?

Wat doen wij?

Our practice offers the best pediatric physiotherapy in Amsterdam. You can also contact us for occupational therapy with your child. All our therapists are specialized in childhood and also extra trained in stimulus processing.

Pediatric physiotherapy focuses on the motor development of children, both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. In addition to fine motor skills, the occupational therapist also focuses on self-reliance and facilities. She can think along about adjustments in the home or aids. We enrich our pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy with our specialized knowledge about stimulus processing.

A unique practice in Amsterdam, where no fewer than ten therapists go the extra mile for those children whose sensory information processing (SI) is not functioning properly.

All therapists take a broad view of development and work together with the other supervisors and care providers around your child. Parents have an important role in this. They are supported by the therapist to continue the effect of the treatment at home.

Are you looking for pediatric physiotherapy in Amsterdam, where the therapist goes the extra mile to properly portray your child? So that your child can start enjoying exercise again?

Please contact us.

Could your child use help to take the next step in their development? Or do you have questions about the development of your child? We examine and treat children from 0 to 18 years old with a variety of questions. Our specialty lies in the field of development and sensory information processing.

Among other things, we provide the following care:

  • Assessment and diagnostics for problems of the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles and joints)
  • Advice and treatment of barriers to participation, such as independence, self-sufficiency or planning ability.
  • Guidance and advice to parents and/or teachers with problems in sensory information processing and Floortime/DIR coaching.
  • Follow-up of the therapeutic treatment after admission to a rehabilitation center or hospital.
  • Collaboration with external parties such as daycare, (special) education or sports clubs.

You can find more information about the care we provide under Therapies .

We have several practice locations throughout Amsterdam. You can find our practice in Osdorp, Amsterdam Zuid, de Pijp, Zeeburg and Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Where necessary, we provide treatment at home or at school. In consultation, we will find a suitable location for your family to meet one of our therapists.

You can register your child for pediatric physiotherapy or occupational therapy via the website. For more information you can also call us.

Our collaboration partners


Wij bieden kinderfysiotherapie in deze logopedie praktijk. Daardoor kunnen we meer passende zorg bieden aan kinderen met bredere ontwikkelingsvragen.


Wij bieden in deze prakijk kinderfysiotherapie. Daardoor kunnen we meer passende zorg bieden aan kinderen met bredere ontwikkelingsvragen.


Enkele dagen per week is een logopediste van praktijk Reigerbos op locatie aanwezig om ons therapieaanbod te verbreden en verdiepen.

partner-t kabouterhuis

We zijn gevestigd in het medisch orthopedagogisch centrum ’t Kabouterhuis en bieden therapie waar nodig.


Op deze school wordt speciaal onderwijs geboden aan kinderen met complexe leer- of ontwikkelingsproblemen.