Early intervention

Early intervention

Every child has the potential to be a great kid. It is our job to make this potential grow! - S.Greenspan

Does your child find it difficult to learn from other children of is that exactly what your child needs? Is individual therapy not working? In our practice we offer treatment in a group setting. Because your child is always developing in multiple areas, the groups are always led by a multidisciplinary team (speech therapist, Hanen course and/or occupational therapist). Children with a complex request for help can learn a lot within the groups we offer.

The groups are called ‘Early Intervention’ (EI) or play-learn groups. At the moment we have a special group for children with down syndrome and on Fridays we offer groups in combination with the Hanen course. Contact us for more information or if you want to sign up your child.

Why learn in a group?

The advantage of this unique form of therapy is that parents with the same questions meet each other weekly and find recognition in the care for their child. In addition, the lines of communication are short due to the multidisciplinary approach. This means a child quickly finds the right place for them and there is clarity for parents.

Fun is an important guideline in all groups, a child leans best in a positive setting. Furthermore, the groups have a set routine and fixed therapists. Read below which groups we offer.

Play-learn group:

For: children aged 2-5 years

Request for help: Your child has a delay in multiple areas such as behaviour and development, motor planning, Sensory information processing and/or communication skills.

Think of: Difficulty playing together, easily distracted, not self-sufficient, fear of failure, angry and busy behaviour.

Specializations: Paediatric physiotherapist & speech therapist. At the same time the parents receive the Hanen course.

Parents are closely involved in the group, receive new insights and skills to support their child. There is contact with school and daycares. If necessary, we refer for further support.

The goal of the group is for the child to feel safe without parents, and to develop play and skills within a group setting through focusing attention.

Thursday group for children with Down Syndrome

For: Children aged 2-5 years with down syndrome.

Request for help: development of broad support up to school age.

Specializations: Paediatric physiotherapist, occupation therapist and speech therapist.

We have chosen for this specific group because parents have similar questions around down syndrome. The therapists can think along with parents, day care, and eventually school. Parents watch behind a one-way screen.

Pre-adolescent group on Wednesday afternoon

For: Children aged 8-12 years with regulation problems.

Request for help: How do I deal with my child's deviant/different behaviour?

Think of: difficulty with self-regulation, young emotional thinking, planning problems. Can be in combination with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum disorder, AD(H)D, language developmental disorder and/or attachment disorder.

Specializations: paediatric physiotherapist and child-parent coach.

All areas of development are addressed and there is an opportunity to develop new (movement) skills.

There is regular contact with parents about progress and objectives. They are not present in the group. The children experience the group as a 'club' and come with great pleasure. There is great diversity in the program, which means that every week is a surprise.

Meer weten over Early intervention?

Complete the registration form and we will contact you shortly. Would you like to discuss this first or do you have any questions? Then call one of our therapists.

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Our daughter was not doing well with writing at school. She turned letters upside down and didn't write fast enough. The therapy was very educational and was presented in such a way that my daughter began to enjoy writing again. She can now keep up in class again and her handwriting has improved enormously!
Ouders van Saar
My son's therapy was very inviting and full of fun! We always looked forward to the weekly practice moment! Fortunately, my son is now free of complaints and thanks to all the tips we can continue to practice independently for the time being.
Moeder van David