Writing therapy

Writing therapy

Writing therapy focuses on having fun while writing so that your child becomes enthusiastic and confident in writing.

Does your child have difficulties holding a pencil or learning how to write letters? Does your child write too slow or is their handwriting not legible? Some children experience pain when writing, refuse to write or have problems with dual tasks at school. The teacher can also indicate that your child needs to improve their handwriting.

It is best to detect problems with pen grip and writing letters/numbers early. The earlier problems with pen grip, and writing letters and numbers is signaled, the better. Make an appointment to see and assess where your child’s difficulties lie and what solutions exist. Together with you and your child a plan will be made to resolve the writing difficulties.

Writing problems

The effect of digitalization on the writing of your child: In today’s society digitalization is developing enormously. It has its benefits! However children are writing less and less by hand. This can have a (negative) effect on the (school) career of your child.

Through writing, words are remembered better compared to typing. There is also an important connection between writing and written language development, for example spelling. 

Common writing problems

In order for your child to be able to keep up with (writing) exercises in class, a legible handwriting with an appropriate pace is necessary. Are there any challenges there? Then a pediatric physio- or occupational therapist can assess why that is. What we often see are the following difficulties:

  • The child follows an incorrect letter trajectory; makes the wrong writing movement.
  • The pen grip is inefficient
  • The child presses too hard on the pencil
  • Inefficient posture
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Insufficient hand-eye coordination
  • Problems in (visually) recognizing letters and (auditive) sounds

What does the therapy look like

The pediatric physio- or occupational therapist can help identify, together with you and your child, where the problems lie. A plan will be made how this can best be practiced. We also look at functional aids, for example to improve pen grip.

The therapy is mostly aimed at having fun while writing, so that your child becomes confident and enthusiastic to write. Practicing at home is essential to improvement. A lot of repetition makes the 'new' way of writing automate faster. 

Would you like your child to learn to write better? Fill in the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Would you like to discuss first or do you have any questions? Call us?

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Complete the registration form and we will contact you shortly. Would you like to discuss this first or do you have any questions? Then call one of our therapists.

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Our daughter was not doing well with writing at school. She turned letters upside down and didn't write fast enough. The therapy was very educational and was presented in such a way that my daughter began to enjoy writing again. She can now keep up in class again and her handwriting has improved enormously!
Ouders van Saar
My son's therapy was very inviting and full of fun! We always looked forward to the weekly practice moment! Fortunately, my son is now free of complaints and thanks to all the tips we can continue to practice independently for the time being.
Moeder van David