Sport and exercise

Sport and exercise
sport en inspanning

If your child often suffers from injuries after sport or exercise, the pediatric physiotherapist can investigate the problem, possibly treat and think along about solutions or adjustments.

Did your child suffer an injury during exercise or playing? Does your child have trouble keeping up with the other children when it comes to endurance or strength? Does your child have pain when moving or is it tired quickly?

We believe that every child must be able to move at his own level and enjoy moving.

The importance of moving

Moving is one of the most important things for your growing child. It stimulates the development of motor skills and reduces the chance of being overweight. By exercising, your child learns social skills and becomes more confident. Your sporting child can also suffer from injuries, making it difficult to participate in gym (pain free). Make an appointment for this, because with the right guidance, most of the complaints at childhood are often quickly resolved. Because our therapists specialize in complaints that arise in children and adolescents, it is preferable to always go to a pediatric physiotherapist in the event of orthopedic complaints.

What effects do orthopedic complaints have on your child or adolescent?

Exercise and sport related problems in children are more common as a child gets older. This can affect your child physically and/or (psycho)socially. A pediatric physiotherapist can assess the problem, possibly treat and think along about solutions or adjustments. This way your child can participate again without worries and with fun during his/her sport or physical activities.

What are common problems?

  • Sport injuries such as sprained ankle
  • Reduced endurance
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Problems with breathing

What does the therapy look like

The treatment for exercise and sport-related problems in children is very playful and is usually focused on exercises, so this is often experienced as something fun! It will also have a positive effect on self-confidence. With this we try to ensure that the child functions better within his/her physical and social environment.

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Our daughter was not doing well with writing at school. She turned letters upside down and didn't write fast enough. The therapy was very educational and was presented in such a way that my daughter began to enjoy writing again. She can now keep up in class again and her handwriting has improved enormously!
Ouders van Saar
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